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Fiber Isolators for Broadband SLDs

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Fiber Isolators for Broadband SLDs

Selection Guide for Isolators
Fiber Isolators
Spectral RegionWavelength RangeFiber Type
Visible650 - 670 nmSM
NIR770 - 1040 nmSM
Nd:YAG1064 nmSM
IR1290 - 2010 nmSM
Fiber Isolators for Broadband SLDs
Free-Space Isolators
Custom Isolators


  • Flat Isolation over a 100 nm and 150 nm Wavelength Range
  • Ideally Suited for Use with SLDs
  • Unterminated Fiber Pigtails, Connectors Available by Contacting Tech Support
  • Polarization-Independent Design

Fiber isolators protect light sources from back reflections and signals that can cause instabilities and damage. They are designed to block light traveling into the source while allowing light to exit the source with minimal loss. The IO-F-SLD Series Polarization-Independent Broadband Fiber Isolators are specifically designed for use with superluminescent diodes (SLDs) such as our SLD Series. Typical fiber isolators have a narrow isolating wavelength range with a peak isolation of about 33 dB. These isolators are designed for flat isolation over a broad wavelength range of either 100 nm or 150 nm depending on the model but have a lower isolation of 23 to 32 dB (see the graph below). This makes them an ideal choice for broad-spectrum devices like SLDs. These polarization-independent models are designed for use with CW light sources only and come with 780HP single mode fiber with unterminated fiber ends.

Item #IO-F-SLD100-840IO-F-SLD150-895
Wavelength840 ± 50 nm895 ± 75 nm
Max Powera2 W (CW)
Isolationb25 - 32 dB23 - 32 dB
Performance Graph
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Insertion Loss1.0 - 1.6 dB1.4 - 2.1 dB
PDL≤0.25 dB
Return Loss>52 dB
  • Specified power rating is for the isolator. Proper laser termination is critical. Not recommended for high-power pulsed applications.
  • Isolation varies with wavelength; see the Performance Graphs for details. Isolation is also temperature dependent.
Broadband Isolator vs Typical Isolator
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IO-F-SLD100-840 Support Documentation
IO-F-SLD100-840 Customer Inspired! Fiber Isolator for Broadband SLDs, 790 - 890 nm, 2 W, Pol Ind., No Connectors
IO-F-SLD150-895 Support Documentation
IO-F-SLD150-895 Customer Inspired! Fiber Isolator for Broadband SLDs, 820 - 970 nm, 2 W, Pol Ind., No Connectors
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